Saw IV !!!

This movies is about killing people . After many episode passed . This story begin with some kind of operation to got a video inside cassette from the former killer and this where the story begin ! Come back to the story , After that there two male agents inside the small rooms . One is can’t speak because his mouth was already seam and the other one can’t see because his eyes was sealed . This scary serial killer include some group of people who trapped in mysterious place for reason to finish the puzzles . The one survive win . Can they survive from this danger ? Who will ?

Traveling ~-~


Today many people do traveling to many places . This world is so wide than we can imagine . Even with that reason , people still like to travel to many places . Travel to many places can be entertaining people heart because mostly traveling have many connection with natural . Generally , people who likes to do traveling have many knowledges like many place history , the building , etc .

There  two things about traveling , there is overseas travel and domestic travel . This two have each other excess and lack .

Domestic travel is like we are going to another city in our country . The example is if there people in Surabaya and travel to Bandung . In there they can use same language and enjoy their time in that city . It have some excess like the distance between city is near , we can use car or bus to go there and the expense is more cheap than overseas travel .  Some lack of it is people become more easy to tired of the travel , because that is same country and we know mostly of it .

Mostly people today , like to go overseas especially for rich people to refresh their mind and enjoy their hard work result . They came to see different thing more than their country as overseas country unique technologies and many things . This overseas traveling is very expensive than domestic travel . There a excess of overseas like the language in overseas country , so people have to use overseas language . So in example like people who doing overseas travel in Korea then they must use Korea language , not their own country language . Some lack of it is The VISA . As people know to get visa is very difficult so they must pay more to going into another country .

So in conclusion , Traveling is fun  things to do .

family hehehe… ^_^


All human is social people who cannot doing anything without others surround them . When all human born , there always some people who will take care of them . They are a family who will take care of them like father and mother . They are group a people who will raise them until their children grow up . Family is part of all human lives because when human grow they will make a family for their next generation . Family also give their best to their children . All family want to make

Generally speaking , their children will copy their families because families is the closer people around them . Families give big influence to their children as manner , personality , etc . This make families is important to their children personalities . Some family also give big influence to their children , it means that family is to protective to their children . There are to many type of family , that makes the influence to their children is different .

All people have their own families . But not all family is very kind and warm , there also opposite side like bad families . This bad families gives bad influences to society especially to their children personalities . This bad family become the worst example for the next generation because in there also have many violation in their families business . Some of example is because the money . Some families is need money and become stressful especially father , and because of it this family do not remain long in society .

In conclusion , all children must respect their own families . The family also have their duty , they have to take care , train them , love them and also protect their children . This duty is absolute to all families . Families always love their children no matter what because their children is from their flesh and blood . So always pay their kindness , child !


Every people in this world cannot live without other people surround this society because all people are social people . They need people to sharing their problem and secret , to chatting with others likes friends . All people have each other friends with different relation ship . Each other people only have one best friends in their life . All people think, friends is important things like it was half parts of their life .

Friend is someone who will always become part of our lives to share our days together . Each other people have their bonds to some people like principle and vice principle have a team work bonds to make good school . People build their friendship with their friends . The more relationship their build it , it makes deeper and stronger relationship to their friends and it makes them becomes best friends . People who does not have their best friends always become someone who always fail in everything .

Friends also give some influence to some people life . Their influence is effective because almost in our part of live now depends in each people friends . The easiest example is some youngster now almost spend their life time to chat with their friends with many modern communication , like facebook with internet connection or with blueberry is very popular among youngster and adult . Many people share their days with this website until today .

Friends differentiated become two . Some friend is good and some of them is bad . Some people have their own purpose with make use their friends , they are bad friends . That bad friends also give bad influence to some people , among of them is youngster . so be careful . Thank you .

So in conclusion , friend always become part of our lives without we know it . It happen so fast that some people even do not know about it . Friends also important so we must always search many friends as long people live .

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